Degrees of Impact

Published on Sep 20, 2017. "Degrees of Impact". Tina Fuentes is more than just a Texas Tech professor. She’s been sharing her art with the world for the last 30 years, an important impact that creates a ripple effect.

Colores del relámpago

Brush strokes are creating the sense of energy within paint. Projections of the larger-than-life size marks look to capture the essence of lightning movements within space. A combustion of energy that underscores the sensation of movements that can fascinate one yet remind one of the potential dangers and unpredictability of lightning.

Relámpago de noche

The B/W video provides an intimate viewpoint one can face with a lightning phenomenon. The dancing marks of the lightning is viewed through the safeness of an interior space. Therefore, the viewer can dominate and dictate how to view and interact with the trajectories of the energy. Although we see the flashes of light, one is reminded of the darkness that this energy can carry.

Arts - Lines preview

Published on July 24, 2014. Texas Tech Public Broadcasting - KTTZ TV. A series of arts education commercials for PBS.

  • Las frutas I
  • Las frutas II
  • las frutas III
  • Las frutas IV

Las frutas de mi vida

Tina talks about Las frutas de mi vida

Latino Americans on the South Plains

Published on Sep 12, 2013. "Latino Americans: On the South Plains". This documentary film is a celebration of the hispanic culture in the south plains.

El Arte De Tina Fuentes

Focuses on the journey traveled by painter Tina Fuentes over the past 20 years, including how the colors and mysticism of the Mexican state of Chiapas have affected both the artist and her work.